Friday, July 24, 2009


saw prof green at the macbeth down in hoxton on wednesday. it's been ages since i went to any uk hiphop gigs but to be honest i was getting pretty bored of all the preachy politics wank a lot of them always seem to keep banging on about. i really enjoyed this though and although quite a few of the tracks seemed to be backed up by classic samples...erm yeah that one by dead was an alround enjoyable evening. and now i can't be arsed to crap on talking as if i know a bean about uk hiphop. it was good.

so the rest of the week i've been supposed to be 'working' from home but it's been a task and half. making tea is always a welcome distraction and this morning i baked raisin bran muffins. i like to kid myself that because they have bran in them they're healthy, don't even bother, i saw how much oil and sugar went into them, still they were damn delicious if i do say so myself.

lately i keep thinking about ending this blog, i'm finding myself in the situation where i'm pretty happy with the way things are going in my life now and therefore don't feel the need to escape to the world of blogs as often and which therefore means i never seem to end up replying to the lovely comments i get which i personally think is damn right rude. i dunno, it all seems a bit pointless really and i still suffer from that age old problem of wondering why anyone would be bothered to read this crap and also do i actually want anyone reading this crap...*embarassed confusion*. oh i hate these pity seeking posts so actually i'm going to stop right now!

haha yes i'm rambling today...could it be because i'm avoiding work? errr, too right. anyway, i'm happy it's friday, i'm happy a load of my mates have just moved to clapham, i'm happy i have enough money to pay my bills, and's all good. for the first time in a long while i woke up this morning feeling full of energy, from dreaming about surfing. i always wanted to be a surfer...

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