Friday, July 31, 2009


Press PLAY for a little update.

Friday, July 24, 2009


saw prof green at the macbeth down in hoxton on wednesday. it's been ages since i went to any uk hiphop gigs but to be honest i was getting pretty bored of all the preachy politics wank a lot of them always seem to keep banging on about. i really enjoyed this though and although quite a few of the tracks seemed to be backed up by classic samples...erm yeah that one by dead was an alround enjoyable evening. and now i can't be arsed to crap on talking as if i know a bean about uk hiphop. it was good.

so the rest of the week i've been supposed to be 'working' from home but it's been a task and half. making tea is always a welcome distraction and this morning i baked raisin bran muffins. i like to kid myself that because they have bran in them they're healthy, don't even bother, i saw how much oil and sugar went into them, still they were damn delicious if i do say so myself.

lately i keep thinking about ending this blog, i'm finding myself in the situation where i'm pretty happy with the way things are going in my life now and therefore don't feel the need to escape to the world of blogs as often and which therefore means i never seem to end up replying to the lovely comments i get which i personally think is damn right rude. i dunno, it all seems a bit pointless really and i still suffer from that age old problem of wondering why anyone would be bothered to read this crap and also do i actually want anyone reading this crap...*embarassed confusion*. oh i hate these pity seeking posts so actually i'm going to stop right now!

haha yes i'm rambling today...could it be because i'm avoiding work? errr, too right. anyway, i'm happy it's friday, i'm happy a load of my mates have just moved to clapham, i'm happy i have enough money to pay my bills, and's all good. for the first time in a long while i woke up this morning feeling full of energy, from dreaming about surfing. i always wanted to be a surfer...

Friday, July 17, 2009


say hi to florence and etruria. i went to a friends private viewing in shoreditch yesterday evening and if i had had a spare two grand lying around i blatantly would have spent it on these little puppies. i've decided they would be the perfect solution to my desire to own a little dog. i won't need to walk it, feed it or pick up it's poop, i can just carry it around in my handbag while it looks all cute and stuff.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

finders keepers

my mum's holidaying in crete pretending to be shirley valentine and my sis is at some fashion tradeshow in barcelona so i kindly offered to dog sit while they're away which means i am staying all on my lonesome in my mums flat which just happens to be a hop skip and a jump away from selfridges (how i wish i wasn't so fucking poor at the moment). anyway it's not all bad, because while they're away and i'm bored to tears i had the inevitable little snoop in both their wardrobes one evening and i found these little babies which appear to be from primark no less (it's been ages since i went near a shop, let alone primark, so i have no idea whats out there at the moment). luckily my lovely sister is willing to lend them to me for a little while. it's great having a sister the same size when you can't afford to buy clothes, now i just have to see whether my dear mother will mind lending me her birkin for a little while...

today i have a meeting about some freelance work for a graphic designer friend of mine. i'm quite excited. gotta keep that ball rolling...

Monday, July 6, 2009

learn from my mistakes children

see what happens when you try and iron your favourite supersoft seethru black aa vest, when it specifically says on the label "do not iron". i don't know what i was thinking...still, isn't holey stuff fashionable at the moment? i don't even know anymore...

Friday, July 3, 2009

I don't think so sunny jim

i know, it's been a fu@king long time, but today's the last day of my internship and the first time i've had a chance to even think about posting. i have to say it's been a wicked two months and i'm starting to feel a lot more like myself again and with the added bonus of feeling like i might actually be able to accomplish something worthwhile. for now let's just say i'm going to be wrapping things up with my old job situation this month.
yesterday i spent a blissful afternoon in hyde park drinking pear cider, watching crystal castles, the foals and um...blur. i can't say i was always a massive fan even though i've always liked them but i'm so glad we got tickets because to be fair they smashed it and i had another of the many 'best times' i've had in the last 2 months. we even crossed paths with alice glass from crystal castles and convinced her to take a photo with us after realising that we didn't have a pen she could sign my friends breasts with. actually i think she might've been a little scared of us? it was ridiculously hot aswell but i'm loving not feeling the need to throw on any extra layers the second the sun goes down...also the was beautiful, and as blur played beetlebum i'd forgotten how that song reminded me so much of my friend tom, who was murdered several years ago when he was traveling in china, and i was brought to tears because he was one of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet and the whole moment caught me by surprise but in a nice way even though it's actually a pretty sad thing - tom r.i.p.
anyway, i still have more things to tell so posting should start to get a little more regular from now on i hope and i will also finally get a chance to catch up on what everyone else has been up to.
x x thanks for coming back xx