Friday, May 1, 2009

thank fuck it's friday! nice hairrrrr.......


i'm in a super good mood today, it's friday, the sun is shining and it's my last day in the office! i forgot to say thanks for all the really supportive comments from everyone about the internship, it actually means a lot and as you can probably tell, i'm still reeeeeally excited.

tomorrow morning we're going to look at a new flat. i'm really hoping it's going to be a trillion times nicer than the one we veiwed last week in hoxton which was no bigger than a shoe box and surrounded by ickyness...shame really because we have friends up that way and there are a lot of great places to go out. anyway we'll see, we really need a bigger place which is hard to find in london when you're on a budget.

i love the way this model's hair has been braided across her forehead (slightly neverending story). unfortunately i don't think i'm skilled enough in the hair department to do this myself and if i did i'd probably end up looking ridiculous anyway. sometimes you just gotta know when to hold back.