Tuesday, April 28, 2009

catch up catch up...jerk off losers & the problem with twitter



erm...so where the fuck have i been recently? watching countless episodes of "the hills" via surfthechannel and not much else really. and just to get this off my chest...spencer 'pratt', how fucking apt, i've never known a bigger prize twat. ha! so yeah, i have to be honest and say i really haven't felt like blogging lately and haven't really been reading many blogs either. i guess i've just been in a blogging rut and suprisingly for me, busy with other things.

i did decide however, to see what little gems twitter might have to offer. kinda like blogging on the go in little bursts actually sounds ideal. unfortunately after setting up my account i was disappointed to learn that you can only recieve updates to your mobile if you're with vodafone?? what's the fucking point in that? i do have a blackberry for work and was trying to download the twitterberry app but looks like work have blocked third party apps. yeah it actually sounds like i know what i'm talking about using all this technical jargon but i can promise you i really don't have a clue. so anyway, for now twitter is a no go.

i have some other little ideas that i have yet to put into action, like the tumblr account where i'll be posting pictures of my artwork but apart from that...only 2 more days to go till i don't have to be stuck in this crappy little office...i can not wait!

regarding todays pictures...mccauley culkin, such a beautiful freak and as for the girls get up...this is the sort of thing i'd like to be floating around in all summer, i'd prob change the manky flip flops for my all saints fringed ankle boots though...

and my final words for today...thank you so much to claire for the award (although i'm sure i don't deserve it recently for being so slack) it's super cute just like her and when i get the time next week to catch up on all my fav blogs i'll be passing it on...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

breath again

apologies for my recent cryptic-ness but i didn't want to jinx anything. i'm literally dancing on tables right now, (well in my head anyway...it probably wouldn't be too appropriate in my crap office) because i've been offered a design internship at a gallery/venue type place for a couple of months. i don't know if i'm too old to be doing this sort of thing and i'm basically going to be skint as for two months which is going to suck big time but i'm well excited at the prospect of being able to do something a little more creative than fill in data infront of a computer all day on a hell hole industrial estate, and maybe if i'm a little bit lucky and can make the most out of the situation then something even better will come if it. ok i don't wanna get my hopes up or as i said before...jinx anything, for now i'm just gonna enjoy the moment and get on with it.

image > thecobrasnake

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


i'm quite excited about something today, but either way whatever happens there will be good stuff tainted with bad stuff...but that's just life i suppose.

image > hedislimane

Friday, April 3, 2009


but i'm still diggin chicks with short short hair. arvida is hot.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

a whole 15 minutes??


what seems like ages ago now, i sent in a piece of work to be part of something called mail me art. it was so long ago i'd pretty much forgotten about it, until today when i received an email in my mailbox to tell me that my work would be part of the exhibition starting tomorrow and that it would be great if i could make it along to the opening night... oh go on then...

so if anyone fancies coming down to take a look i reckon there will be whole load of wicked art to look at, and buy if you're feeling a bit flush.

the venue>>>

Red Gate Gallery 209a
Coldharbour Lane,
London. SW9 8RU. UK

the time>>>

Friday 3rd April 6pm - 11pm

if anything at least there should be some free beer.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i sang stupid made up songs on the way to work

i don't know what it is, today has been one of those days where i just feel like hiding from the world and looking after myself. i hate having responsabilities and having to do things i don't want to. i know some people think we always have a choice but sometimes none of the options seem to be any better that what you've already got.

dinner last night was lovely though...and i think she liked her present. i also realised today that it's easter next weekend which means friday and monday off work. can't wait...i hope we get some sunshine.