Tuesday, March 31, 2009

more cake

today is my little sister's birthday, so there was a little pre-celebration do somewhere in camden on saturday and a whole lot more cake...yes it's pretty much all i hate all weekend and probably why i feel so hideous right now. still i'm looking forward to dinner tonight and really hoping she likes her present.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I ATE MY FOOD PORN (then felt like a fatty and gave the rest to my sister)

basically all week i was dreaming about making these cupcakes. for some reason i have become totally obsessed. these babies are vanilla cake with rose flavoured buttercream, and if i may say so myself...were the yummiest i've ever tasted. i still can't believe how much butter and suger went into making them...i swear i could feel my thighs throbbing/expanding after just one bite!

Friday, March 27, 2009

i blame pamela love

for my recent facination with bird skulls??

skinny girls posting food porn piss me off

just sayin...

the full moon makes me mental

last night i went to covent garden for the lightning seeds album launch. er correction...i went to drink the free booze and munch on the free canapes, i seriously couldn't give a crap about their new album, or any of their albums for that matter. while standing around waiting for something to happen i did a little bit of people watching, and mental slagging off. i couldn't help imagining that most of the people there were similar to the main character in john niven's book kill your friends (a chang-ed up arsehole of an a & r guy), especially the jean's and suit jacket wearing guy standing in front of me who knowingly nodded his head to the beat throughout the 5 song set in a desperate attempt to show he was 'down with the kids' but who on closer inspection was botoxed up to the max. he was freaking me out so much i couldn't stop staring at him and consequently made my husband promise he would never go down the botox path. it looks so wrong, i really hope i can grow old gracefully but there's a good chance i may cave in at some point...

also, i have never seen so many flat caps in one place. can anyone explain this fashion to me? what does it mean? i just don't understand.

anyway, all in all we achieved our goal of free mid-week drunkenness with the added bonus of an argument on the way home for good measure, which resulted in me telling my husband he would have to sleep on the sofa and me stealing all the blankets/pillows while he was in the bathroom and locking them plus myself in the bedroom. unfortunately to my disgust and frustration he had the quick thinking to get the sleeping bag from the car which he rubbed in my face by laughing satisfactorily to himself just loud enough for me to hear. bastard.

actually it was all forgotten by this morning and we had a good laugh about it...well he had a good laugh at my expense, he finds my female strops hilarious.

gutted last night was the last episode of skins.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

you want to be like PARIS HILTON?

yeah...so this was my husbands response when i announced the other day that i wanted a little dog for some companionship, as if everyone in the world who owns a tiny dog is desperate to be like paris. i just think it would be easier to look after in our small london flat and i think these boston terriers are suuuuper cute. alas it won't be happening anyway, it would be far too cruel to leave such a little thing on it's own all day while we are both at work.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

when the WOLVES come out

i have developed a recent obsession with wolves, there's something powerful yet sad about the look in their eyes but whatever it is is beyond beautiful. i'm now looking for the perfect ring.

did you know when they mate they get locked together for half an hour at least! this cheeky wolf i was watching on a wildlife program the other day had sneaked into another pack and tried to secretly shag one of the females. when he got caught red pawed by the head of the pack he couldn't get away poor thing, it was pretty funny to watch.


Monday, March 16, 2009

at the time it must've seemed like a good idea

on saturday my good friends will and ben celebrated their birthday which meant drinking, drinking and more drinking. i decided to shun the beer and stick to cocktails in a bid make my evening seem a little classier than it actually was, needless to say i spent the entire day in bed yesterday watching movies and stuffing myself with all the carbs i'd been denying myself throughout the week, but i was glad to see that there was still a little change left in my wallet after the nights festivities. upon checking my bank account first thing this morning at work i struggled to figure out why there wasn't as much skrilla in there as i thought there should've been. i found the receipt in my bag later today that says the large round of cocktails was on me...apparently. i can't believe I didn't even remember and that i can't afford the silver sequin blazer on topshop's website this morning. life is so unfair when you're a shallow, materialistic, amaretto sour guzzler.

Friday, March 13, 2009

todays one's a goodie

SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st

Achieving a cherished hope isn't as fanciful as someone is telling you it is. You're letting them influence your thinking. Your creative muscles will grow weak and waste away if you don't flex them soon. Believe in your power to realise your dreams and look for ways to make things happen. Your fortunes could change for the better and all because of your determination not to allow the negativity that's currently around you, thwart you.

i love horoscopes that make you feel just that little bit better about your wretched self and make you believe a little more that you're feelings are justified. even though in the end they usually turn out to be bull...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

grade zero

this girl almost makes me want to shave all my hair off again. when it comes to hair i'm either all (very long) or nothing (shaved) as long as i don't have to do too much with it. however as much as i loved it at the time, that growing out stage was hell, and after all the crap i've put my hair through over the years, i kinda like having it natural looking.


Saturday, March 7, 2009



i hate feet but i <3 baths

hope everyone is having a good weekend. i'm up way too early on a saturday after a late running boozy pub dinner last night with lovely people lucy and joseph. lucy and i decided we should arrange a breakfast date which for some reason i'm quite excited about. people always meet up in the evening but never in the morning it seems. breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


so as it was payday on friday i fucked off work and went shoppingggg. i tried on a whole bunch of stuff and was in the mood for impulse buys which ended up in the form of this...

denim corset >>> topshop

bodycon zip dress >>> topshop

sleeveless denim jacket >>> h&m

i was looking mighty shit when i took these pictures hence the cat mask to hide my sans makeup and dark circled eyes (i've been sleeping really badly lately). yep i decided i needed cat masks in my life so i also bought a black one aswell from ebay. also below are 'those' shoes from aldo which are so comfortable i haven't been able to wait til the weather gets warmer to wear them, so i've been wearing them with black tights for now. and some magazines, because i'm loving more than anything at the moment just curling up in bed where it's nice and quiet and reading all about new things and peoples lives and looking at beautiful pictures.


the rest of the weekend was spent>>>

  • drinking & dancing with the girls in camden
  • sleepover @ my sisters, lying in bed all morning talking about clothes
  • curing hangovers in selfridges by eyeing up the erin wasson x rvca & alex wang collections
  • tasting my first bloody mary on the southbank with the boys (surprisingly yum)
  • evening wandering round convent garden & trying to get served at dirty martini
  • take away sushi for dinner
  • sunday lunch with friends playing pub quiz where i never know the answers

my next task will be to complete the tag from chloe, sorry it's taken me sooooo longgggggg x

i like to entertain myself


@ work & bored as fu@k



still being a crap blogger. i'm hoping to find some time this evening to do a proper post as i bought some pretty nice stuff at the weekend. i'll also just say that the weather was well nice in here in london which cheered me up no end. spring is definitely in the air.