Monday, February 23, 2009


just some ways to describe how i've been feeling recently and a little explaination towards the lack of posts this month. i'm not exactly depressed, i just can't be arsed. sometime's you just feel like you're regurgitating what everyone else out there is already saying and to be quite honest it's making me feel dull...and tired of myself.

current obsessions>>>>>>>

vodka martinis (this one just doesn't ever seem to go away)
bright red lipstick, more orange than blue (inspired by georgia may jagger)
my new black lace up wedges from aldo (kinda gutted to see them on fashion toast, yet another thing that makes me feel highly unoriginal)
watching movies - if you haven't already seen slumdog millionaire just do, don't let the fact that it's won a gazillion awards put you off. (yeah, being a contrary mary that's the kind of thing that will make me purposely avoid watching any film)
swedish blogs with lots of pretty pictures for me to look at
oversized light blue denim levis jackets i wish i hadn't thrown mine out
not smoking i won't give in


do you think this snail is happy? do you think he feels abused because someone...'john' thought it would be cool to vandalise his house?? so fucking rude.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

breaking up the monotony

i'm supposed to be going to a friends exhibition opening tonight in bethnal green courtesy of concrete hermit. his name is andrew james jones and i really only know him through my husband who used to hang out with him back in bristol. the first time i went to one of his little shows i was greeted by an emotion of utter disgust which was then followed by unexpected pleasure? i'm not sure that's the right word exactly. every time i look at his work, it conjures up such mixed emotions i find it hard to explain. i've heard people say that they are absolutely appalled by it but even more so when they find themselves being amused by it.


stuck in life while i try to make other plans

it's so hard to get out of bed in the morning at the moment.
after tossing and turning all night because of getting pins and needles in my arms, the alarm clock that goes off at 6.30am is more than unwelcome.
i lie there until just after 7.00.
drifting in and out of consciousness while wondering why i was dreaming about lying on a railroad track with a broken back and feeling the ground digging into my open flesh.
it's time to make a move. roll back the covers. get up get up.
without fail, my peaceful other half rolls onto my side of the bed, as he does every morning.
i step over clothes and shoes while i unwillingly stumble to the door.
on goes the yellow kitchen light. another day to get through. another pot of coffee that i make for two.
the same.
the same.
the same.
the same clothes. the same make up. the same disapproving look in the mirror before i leave.
roll on 5 o clock. roll on friday 5 o clock.

i seriously need to sort this out. this just can't go on forever. and ever. and ever. and ever.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

being 'goofy' i couldn't even manage to tic tac

Photobucket i always wished i could skate but was just a bit crap at it, or probably just lacked the dedication. i was better on bin liners. still i'm loving these decks, especially the 2nd one.

more photos of collete @ the selby

Monday, February 2, 2009

don't eat the yellow snow

oh what a shame, i can't go to work today. i would've, but i was told not to bother...yeah baby. i give you some photos i took this morning on my way to get milk for much needed cups of tea. i actually can't believe how thick the snow is...amost up to my knees! quite impressive for central london and quite lovely. it's strange how everyone also seemed to be in a good mood and talking to each other.

always watching me

andre spotted in covent garden, with a toaster for good measure.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

no junkies allowed

make up cappucino and pain au chocolat in cafe nero at the 7 dials, covent garden. i was disappointed to discover we wouldn't be shooting up with heroin in their toilets that morning (just kidding). still you gotta love them uv lights.