Tuesday, December 30, 2008



i love my new black leather converse my husband bought me for christmas. they pretty much go with everything, are comfortable for trecking around london and a little more resistant towards the wet weather here than the canvas ones i've had in the past.

i hate winter. it's official, i'm over it. ok i lie a little coz actually i love the sunny but cold days we've been having recently, the reason why i'm hating on this season at the moment is mainly because we have no frickin' heating or hot water in our house right now due to our boiler being royally fucked. thank god i joined the gym down the road from me as i don't know how i'd be coping without their hot showers.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

current listening : ladyhawke

it's been ages since i bought anything on cd but last week i decided to pick up a copy of ladyhawke's recent album as i remembered hearing a couple of tracks aaaages ago and thinking they weren't half bad. honestly i wasn't too sure at first but most of the best albums require a few listenings before you fall in love and it wasn't long before i found myself singing along to every song. it's all i've been listening to this week but be warned...it's pretty 80's sounding so if that not be your cup of tea then perhaps give this one a miss...otherwise, play on.

i will never grow up

yeah, i'm quite excited about the return of skins in the new year and i'm pleased that effy will still be in it. i honestly don't remember anyone being as cool as her when i was that age...except for myself of course ;) (i wish)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh those ker-razy kids

ok i'm going to be a little mean here but all i could think of when i saw these pictures on the selby was how mingin' peaches hands and feet are. i simply cannot abide bitten chewed up fingernails and she also has big callouses on her toes. i actually hate all feet though so she shouldn't feel too bad, and i'm probably only picking at her because i'm jealous of the career oportunities she's had because of her father's fame, although i would not wish her mother's fate on anyone...that must've been pretty shit to deal with.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it's just one if those outfit things

so today i'm pretty much wearing everything i bought on monday, it feels so nice to have something new to put on although i really must stop with the black. my mission for the new year will be to incorporate a little more colour into my wardrobe, although not too much! i added the headband and earrings for my friends party this evening.

also, i can't believe how much there is to do before xmas and how little time there is to do it all. so far i have bought...

the *husband* - an xbox 360

the sister - a picture frame (sounds crap i know, don't worry i still have plently more little ideas of stuff to get her)

the mother - a necklace stand from urban outfitters (getting her a necklace to go with it)

the father - a comedy book about politics and the credit crunch (why are they so hard to buy for?)

the baby brother - an elmo's xmas dvd

the step mother - absolutely NO idea, i just don't really know her that well...

so i still have loads of shopping to do. i picked out our tree last night which is perfect even though it was a little expensive, it needs more decorations though. and i guess i am finally starting to get into the christmas spirit, although really i am just looking forward to a couple of days off work and chillaxing at home...plus presents!

oh yeah, and thanks to the lovelies chloe and keepitsleazy who made me feel much better about my birthday, i guess it ain't soooo bad ;)

*EDIT* i can't believe i called my husband my boyfriend...he would be so unimpressed.

Monday, December 15, 2008

look like ol' potato

today is my birthday...woohoo i'm 29! yeah it sucks, people in their early 20's think that's bad...i'll be 30 next year O_O

it's ok though, saturday evening was spent with my mates, drinking down the pub and then dancing at proud in camden. i had lots of fun pretending our little pile of bags and coats on the floor was a campfire and preceeded to do stupid indian tribal moves around it. surprisingly many people came to join the dance around our campfire, yes stupid dancing is much fun.

we missed our stop on the bus on the way home but it was ok because a nice taxi driver that we started talking to at the burger van on chelsea bridge offered to give us a free lift home. people can be nice in london...they're not all shank wielding hoodies.

sunday i recovered and watched elf. 'cotton headed ninny muggins' is the best insult ever.

today i went shopping with my mum in westfield and got a faux leather biker jacket from topshop to replace my primark one which is falling apart, and a gorgeous necklace with spike pendants from all saints. if i get time i might take a few pictures tomorrow. i also picked up a few things from urban outfitters and my lovely husband gave me some chloe perfume and body lotion...it smells yum.

so yeah, all in all it wasn't too bad, but i'm really not looking forward to next years.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


the addiction to shoes continues. i actually haven't bought myself anything in ages because i've desperately been trying to pay off my overdraft, however today i felt like i deserved a treat and these boots in new look (i don't think i ever bought anything from there before) managed to persuade me spend £35. not bad considering topshop would probably charge over double the amount for the privilege to buy something similar.
i'm not sure the photo does them justice, they look better in real life ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit

i was so elated to be back in my grimy, grumpy, busy, beautiful london this morning i practically skipped to work. i used to be a beach girl, i am currently most definitely a city girl but i know i will never ever EVER be a country girl. nice but dull is how I would describe my little break to pomy. i imagine i would be feeling it more in summer but it rained most of the time we were there and my dad’s idea of entertaining us was to drive us around switzerland for hours telling us how beautiful ‘the view’ is, which i’m sure it is when it’s not covered behind miles of thick grey cloud.

ok it wasn’t all doom and gloom. it was really nice to spend some quality time with my 2 year old little brother and I think he finally knows who I am now which is a bonus. he does seem to have an unhealthy obsession with elmo though.

in other news my husband figured out how to speak french (we were in the french part not the german part). simply stick ‘le’ before every word. for example, he no longer calls me bum face, I am now ‘le bum face’. i think it has a certain ring to it, n’est pas?

sorry for the bleakness (ie. no pictures) of this post…kinda reminds me of pomy…

Saturday, December 6, 2008

there be no one drinkin' moonshine round these parts

yeah so basically i am in switzerland at the moment in a miniscule village called pomy visiting my dad with limited internet.

we flew out on thursday and it's pretty here but has rained none stop so my plan to take lots of photos has be scrapped so far. things should be back to normal soon!

photo from the cobrasnake

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i'm miss world, somebody kill me

courtney love on the cover of elle? i love it. this woman is a complete train wreck who doesn't seem to ever give a fuck and i can't help but be grossly intrigued by her.

i saw her in topshop once when i used to work there, and apart from following her around the store with a completely ridiculous look of awe on my face, i was stunned by how tall she is...quite huge infact, but wonderful.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


it's fair to say my posts have been a little thin on the ground lately. about the most exciting thing that's happened to me recently was realising that i am weird enough to be enjoying the fashion of a 15 year old fictional character.
after spending the whole of sunday afternoon watching season 2 of gossip girl via surf the channel i found myself prefering jenny humphrey's ensembles to those of blair's. her style has changed tremedously since the 1st season and i have to say i like it. even though i feel like a right saddo admitting that. surely there are more important things going on in the world i could be concerning myself with....hmmm, actually no.