Wednesday, November 26, 2008

in miss van's corner

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like many others out there i have a great fascination with street art/graffiti (yes even some tags can be pretty) and when i first laid eyes on miss van's work i instantly fell in love.
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ok i'm going to be blunt here but sometimes i can't understand why everyone seems to make such a fuss over fafi's work. i suppose i compare the two because they are both female artists, from toulouse, and both paint girls on walls with paint...not spray paint. over the last couple of years fafi seems to be everywhere. she designed trainers for adidas, had figures made by kidrobot, animated lily allen in mark ronson's video and morst recently designed artwork on products for mac cosmetics, but in all honesty, i always felt like fafi's work was just a poor version of miss vans, so i don't understand why miss van doesn't seem to get as much, if not more recognition than the fafster (fafster? yes i did just say that...whatever).
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lurking in the background, or so it would seem, miss van has been painting away and doing exhibitions in paris, and i just fall in love with her girls more and more.
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certainly a lot darker than some of her previous work but still equally amazing. i'm standing in the van's corner and thinking "fafi who?" you know it makes sense!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

last night i dyed


i'm very busy recently, but not busy enough not to realise that i want some tie-dyed tights. another d.i.y project me thinks.

photo from the cobrasnake

Saturday, November 22, 2008

friday night

this is andre the giant. he watches over me while i wait for the 344 to take me from battersea to shoreditch. he doesn't protect me from the 2 boys who ride past me on 1 bicycle with the one sitting on the handle bars yelling in my ear as they fly past. i feel momentarily offended until i notice they do it to every single person they go past down the street. i laugh.

bus drivers can be dicks. after picking people up about 3 stops along the road he stops the bus and tells everyone to get off it and use the next one. why not tell people that in the 1st place before they get on your pointless bus? i refuse to pay on the next one and settle down on the top deck to play some bust a move (i love it) on the ds to pass the journey.

i get to liverpool st where i meet kelly and we walk to the sample sale on brick lane. inside they ask us to hand in our coats and bags so we don't steal anything. they're lucky, most of it i wouldn't even bother stealing (yes it was slightly crap), so we grab our things and get down to the more important and essential task of finding somewhere to drink.

we end up in a place tucked away behind the truman brewery where they are playing live brazilian music and doing capoeira.
the drinks begin to flow and evetually we move on to 93 feet east where the cider costs £4.50 a pint (rip off!) and the toilets smell like someone shat out a dead rat. we are the only ones dancing to the live french electro get up on stage, everyone else stands there looking fucking nonchalant because they are tooooo fucking cool for school. we have fun. we give advice to 2 young lads with perfectly sweeping dark fringes on how you should never tell a girl you love her just because she's said it first if you don't feel the same. one of them argue that you might fall in love with her eventually so wouldn't it just be best to say it back straight away just incase? NO! this is so typical of men.

more drinking, more smoking in the freeeezing cold, more talking about life and how wonderful we think the other is and how grease 2 is way better than grease 1, more dancing and then home. today i feel like crap but had fun without the boys for once and love crawling into bed with one waiting for me. evening if it is snoring and passed out because it too has been drinking.

dear santa

from all saints
from topshop


Friday, November 21, 2008

girls only

city night
so yesterday was a little disappointing, but i'm looking forward to this evening of a girls night out with my best mate and little sis (if she's not still feeling too hung over). first we're going to a designer sample sale on brick lane, i've never been to one before so i'm interested to see what deals there are to be had and how hard it will be for me to keep my credit card in my fake louis vuitton wallet. after that we'll be going for a few drinks, or basically somewhere we can sneak in a few drinks. because we're all skint as fuck the plan is to steal the boy's hip flasks which i will be filling with some duty free grey is the yummiest vodka, and i don't even drink vodka. will probably end up in 93 feet east and dance our little boots off. i love dancing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

life sucks

the only problem with getting free stuff, is that whoever is giving out the free stuff can change their mind and not give you the free stuff. that's why i won't be going to see the kills tonight.

i need a big black chair of doom covered in feathers to sit and sulk in...

feather sofa

preferably in a much darker room.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

if you want me to

i will be the one
that is always good
and you'll love me too
but you'll never know
what i feel inside
that i'm really bad
little trouble girl

remember mother?

we were close
very, very close
you taught me how to fit it good
flow down life you understood
curl my hair and eye lash
pinch my cheeks and do my lips
swing my hips, just like you
smile and behave
circle of perfection, it's what you gave
then one day i met a guy
he stole my heart, no alibi
he said: "romance is a ticket to paradise"
momma, i'm not too young to try
we kissed, we hugged, we were close
very, very close
we danced in the sand
and the water rose - higher and higher
until i found myself floating - in the sky
i'm sorry mother, i'd rather fight
than have to lie

if you want me to
i will be the one
that is always good
and you'll love me too
but you'll never know
what i feel inside
that i'm really bad
little trouble girl
little trouble girl (what you doin'?)
little trouble girl cross my heart and hope to die,
little trouble girl i can not tell a lie
little trouble girl ah-hu
little trouble girl ah-hu
little trouble girl ah-hu
little trouble girl ah-hu
little trouble girl ah-hu
little trouble girl ah-hu
little trouble girl ah-hu
little trouble girl ah-hu

sonic youth

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

how do you cheer me up when i'm feeling like shit?

phone me at work and tell me you got us free tickets to see the kills on thursday
fuck i love my husband

photo from

Monday, November 17, 2008

no more procrastinating

i had quite a productive weekend for a change. saturday we went to visit family and sunday was spent cleaning out all the shit that's accumulated in our tiny flat since we moved in there 2 years ago.

  1. i was proud of the fact i threw out 2 bin bags of clothes with a 3rd put to one side to sell on ebay.

  2. i was also proud of the fact that i cleared my desk from underneath the mountain of paper, books, magazines, pens and paints. finally.

  3. and i was also pround of the fact that after a year not having done any, i haven't forgotten how to draw...almost.

cleaning and creating can be quite satisfying. also, my studs arrived in the mail today. unfortunately i don't think i ordered enough.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

cut up but posing like it's 1999

because money's a little thin on the ground at the moment i've been trying to revamp stuff that i already have but that's been neglected for a while. since we're trying to clean out some of the crap from our house as well, the husband was about to throw out an old black tshirt of his, but i swiftly retrieved it from the pile of rejects knowing exactly what i would do with it. i saw this idea ages ago when jen wrote about a ksubi tshirt and sanna decided to make her own more affordable version. needless to say i thought it looked pretty hot so i thought i'd give it a go. i decided not to cut up the back coz i can't really stand seeing the back of peoples bras yeah. not only am i pretty pleased with it but i think the boy was kind of impressed too.

Friday, November 14, 2008


a british artist well known in the "street art" world for leaving his paintings in the street for people to take home, throw in the bin, do whatever they like with them. having known about him for years i've never actually come across one of his pieces but i heard on the radio this morning that himself and a team will be distributing 1000 of his works around the city of london this evening. i'm quite tempted to wrap up warm and spend the night art hunting to see if i can find one to take home.

image > jeremy gibbs

and on it goes

sequin jacket from

Thursday, November 13, 2008

so today's lesson kill each other off till there's only one left, nothings against the rules

i don't know who these girls are, and apologise for stealing their photos, but i can't wait till next halloween coz i'm gonna be wanting zips up to my eyeballs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

come dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach

so last night i did a little d.i.y-ing. above, the jeans i decided to throw some bleach on as they weren't really getting worn much anyway. i'm pleased with them but not sure i'm confident i can pull them off yet...might take some getting used to.

also, i've faintly smelt of bleach all day...slightly unpleasing.

and below the kills image i decided to rasterbate and spent the best part of the evening cutting off the borders (i decided it would look better) and mask taping the whole thing together. we now have jamie and alison watching over us as we sleep.

chanel guitar £2800

why am i baffled by this? what self respecting musician would buy this let alone play this? don't get me wrong, i'm all for chanel, but maybe they should stick to what they know best...

persisting obsessions

sequin bomber jacket : urban outfitters

sequin scarfs : topshop

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i said RASterbation

i may be a little slow on this but i love this idea i just came across while browsing the black cigarette community on lj. pick an image, upload it to , pick the size you want to blow the image up to and then print out on A4 paper to puzzle together and stick on your wall. this means i will be spending the evening sifting through images to try this out with.

i'm also keen to use poladroid but without a mac i will have to wait for the windows version :(

married a month

sorry for sounding smug but i really couldn't have hoped to be happier. anyone who's met the right person will know exactly how i feel. sometimes i think i'm so lucky that something bad is bound to happen soon. anyway, as promised, here are a few photos from the day.

i loved the back of my dress the most, the deep v and all the tiny buttons going down it

i love how the best man is rolling his eyes but smiling at the same time

classy as ever, beer dancing

as you can imagine i have tons more pictures but i didn't want to bore anyone too much!

Monday, November 10, 2008

a list, $2000 and my materialistic dreams come true

things to do

• clean out my closet, sell decent stuff on ebay and give the rest to charity
• throw out all the crap bits of paper littering my desk and flat in general
• make more of an effort to use my digital slr as well as my polaroid
• set up my scanner, what’s the point in having one and not using it?
• start sketching more, i love drawing and am supposed to be sorting out my portfolio next year
• finish reading the two books i am halfway through at the moment
• revamp an old pair of cheap mondays with some bleach like kirsty

i dunno…as i mentioned a few days ago i seem to be constantly busy but never seeming to achieve very much and it’s annoying me that my blog is turning a little crap in my opinion. i’m hoping a little list of things to do will help keep me on track.

other news as of friday…my dad gave me $2000 dollars in one and five dollar bills that he said i could change to pounds to pay the wedding photographer. all seems slightly dodgy to me but oh so fun holding such a wodge of cash in ones hands.

and now for my favourite thing of the week. i went down to the new westfield shopping centre on friday evening just to see what the fuss is about and with no intention of buying anything. after wandering around trying to decide whether this could be my new favourite shopping destination i eventually came across the all saints store. recently i keep finding myself popping in there for a look and consequently finding more and more items of clothing/jewellery etc to fall in love with. that’s when i laid eyes on the most perfect pair of boots. you know when you’ve been searching for something but nothing in the shops seems to match up to whatever you had dreamed up in your head but these boots ticked all the boxes.

black distressed leather ankle cowboy boots with a small heel and fringing?

i felt like my prayers had been answered all at once, and yes it is silly to feel this way about a pair of shoes but whatever…much to my dismay they didn’t have my size so i had to schlep up to the kings road on saturday morning but it was worth it. i don’t care about the slightly largish but not too large dent on my credit card, i want to wear these boots forever.

they had they’re first outing saturday night, and this is what I wore with them.

damn i look miserable...