Friday, October 31, 2008

i gots tagged yall

i know not many people read this blog, which is fine because really i would feel a bit silly begging people to come and read it, but anyway, adorable elisabeth from thrills and frills has tagged me, and as this is the first time it’s happened to me i’m actually quite excited. so here goes…

six random things about me

  1. since having my bag stolen along with my keys at the beginning of the year i have to break into my office every morning with a knife from the kitchen...
  2. i broke the record at my posh boarding school (which i hated) for going before the school council so many times. apparently it had been previously held by marlon brando’s daughter.
  3. i am a classically trained pianist and violinist and completed my grade 8 piano aged 13. i never played again, being more interested in guitar and drums.
  4. i did a couple of weeks work in a nickelodeon studio and learned how to make green slime and chuck it over the kiddies. the most fun i’ve ever had working.
  5. i used to have dreads down to my waist which I paid for with my first pay cheque. a year later i shaved them all off. it was so liberating i kept it that way much to the horror of my parents.
  6. i grew up in spain ages 5 – 17 and hated england when we moved back. now london is my most favourite place in the world.

six things i like

  1. sleeping and dreaming of the weird and wonderful
  2. the smell of fresh plastic. i think it’s a childhood toy thing
  3. dancing in the middle of fields to my favourite music wearing crappy clothing, with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of pear cider in the other
  4. colours that clash
  5. having deep chats about life with my mum while drinking copious amounts of champagne
  6. the nickname my husband gave me fluffy/fluff – i used to hate it

six things i don’t like

  1. coleslaw – the most hideous creation on earth
  2. dutch ovens (scroll down, see farting etiquette, point 4)
  3. being uninspired and under stimulated
  4. liars and people letting me down – luckily i don’t know many
  5. letting fear stop me from making things happen
  6. my new nickname is bum face – i don’t think i will learn to like this one
to pass on the joy, i tag pinkgamegirlrocks

spewky? spooky? see what i did there?

happy halloween kiddies! make it a good one!! x

ps. especially elisabeth who is feeling a little deflated about it this year

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

did u get dressed in the frickin dark?

actually yes...yes i did

because i am a kind soul and it is so dark when i get up in the mornings to go to work, i end up fumbling around my bedroom trying to figure out what to wear without switching the light on and waking up my other half. this morning resulted in me finding a pair of thermal leggings which had to do on account i couldn't find my usual AA ones. i kinda like them, so this time the darkness has been good to me. however the fact my bathroom light likes to switch on and off whenever it feels like it is getting pretty mundane, especially mid - eyeliner.

also, i found this vintage faux fur jacket in a charity shop today and thought £8.99 seemed like a fair price so i bought it. however i already have something similar so because i am soooo skint at the moment i will probably end up sticking this on ebay.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

it's sad to have S.A.D

i am determined not to catch the dreaded s.a.d. (seasonal affective disorder) this winter. while i am enjoying the change of seasons and the cold but sunny weather at the moment, by feb/march i am usually ready to kill myself.


the plan of action to combat s.a.d in 2009 is...
  1. excercise - i signed up at my local gym yesterday as i already know there is no way in hell i will be doing my usual 6am jog in the pitch black and freezing cold.
  2. talk - i hate burdening my loved ones with my miserable old self but the more you keep it to yourself the worse it gets. i must also remember to see the docter otherwise.
  3. phone friends - staying in touch with people close to you is important so you don't feel cut off and alone.
  4. do not attempt to quit all the things you enjoy as new years resolutions - ie. drinking/smoking (well maybe smoking, it's a filthy habit) depriving yourself of these little vices only makes the situation worse i find.
  5. book a holiday - i'm thinking maybe a weekend in paris or visiting my dad in switzerland for some snowboarding.
  6. stay inspired - by visiting gallerys and going to gigs.
ok, so i'm hoping this will work but if anyone has any bright ideas please let me know! if you suffer from this you know how rubbishly crap it is. not just for the sufferer but for the people that have to look at their pathetic little face every morning.

luckily at the moment i'm ridiculously happy :) apart from having a stupid bitch of a customer shout at me down the phone today...that wasn't nice :(

pic from vice

tip - wind, sand and lipgloss do not go well together

we took a trip into the desert on our last day in dubai. over dunes in a 4x4, sunsets, camels (cute but smelly), and a big buffet dinner at a campsite in the middle of nowhere with henna tattoing, shisha, and belly dancing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm gonna knock you ouuuut, mama said knock you ouuuut

saturday night consisted of…

  • 7pm meet at the new rose pub on essex rd for shots and drinking
  • down pear cider, sambuca and vodka & coke while telling kelly how much I missed her while I was on holiday and how I think my husband loves her boyfriend more than me sometimes.
  • 11pm traipse down to the islington academy for loved up drunken boogying.
  • we get in for free because our lovely friend rachel works there, besides paying to get into a night called Club de Fromage just seems wrong anyway.
  • we dance like fools and get kicked off the stage several times. we never learn.
  • bump into paul’s ex girlfriend that we all hate from uni and have affectionately named hannah the spanner coz she’s a right fucking tool.
  • spend the rest of the evening trying to stop Kelly from knocking the girl out and smashing her head in. made more difficult by the fact K didn’t know what spanner looked like and basically wanted to go after any girl who was blond and large looking.
kelly: that’s her isn’t it? (at random blonde girl)
me: no kelly that’s not her just forget about it it’s not worth it.
kelly: it is, that’s her i’m gonna fucking smack her head in.

  • by the way I do not condone fighting of any sort it is for losers, but in k’s defence this girl was a complete arsehole to a boy we all love so I can kinda understand how she felt…I don’t really think the booze helped the situation.
  • caught the n38 and n44 back home and were in bed by 5am

sunday consisted of…

  • staying in bed all day
  • eating chocolate croissants and drinking fresh coffee
  • watching kung fu hustle again (has to be one of my favourite films. watch it!)
  • lots of cuddles and wishing we didn’t have to go to work the next day :(
ps. i'm sad because stupid work have cut off access on my computer to blogspot amongst other sites that used to help me while away the mundane hours...whatever will i do?

Friday, October 24, 2008

the wedding night

it feels like ages since i last posted...actually 2 weeks? but we got back from an amazing honeymoon just last night so i thought i would start with a few photos of what's been going down since the 'big day'. i have to say the day flew by so quickly i hardly had time to take any of it in, but we were super lucky to have my wonderful mum put us up in a room at Claridges for the night. that place is absolutely the most beautiful hotel i have ever had the pleasure of stepping foot in and i doubt whether i'll ever be lucky enough to stay somewhere like that again.

anyway, although i've been loving my holiday it's really nice to be home and i'm looking forward to helping our best man paul celebrate his birthday tomorrow karaoke style. i will post a few photos of the last 10 days in Dubai when i get a chance and as i got hold of wedding photos today (which i was really excited to see) i suppose it would be rude not to put up a few of those too ;)

looking forward to getting back to normal now but feeling pretty good being a mrs. (fuck that makes me sound old!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the waiting is killing me. would it be bad if i wished it was over?

i'm starting to feel slightly frustrated. although we are super excited, my boyfriend and i were discussing last night how in a way we can't wait till the wedding is over and we're back from our honeymoon so we can start paying more attention to our lovely friends and have everything stop being about us and getting married. it's all i can think about/talk about at the moment because it's all that's going on.

i'm absolutely skint right now so can't even afford to go shopping or do anything other than wait for the BIG day...which is in 3 days now. anyway, i thought i would be super gay post some photos of me and my beloved. sorry for being so boring!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

come one come all to the sexy circus sideshow

so...some pics from saturday evening. i was crap and didn't take any photos but i stole these off my sister.

our host

3 piece band

elephant woman - fucking hilarious

attack of the 60ft woman - also fucking hilarious

split puppeteer

crazy war nurse

i love how she had a cigarette and lighter taped to her chest

i think the thing i love about burlesque nights is the comedic aspect and the fact that the women are all different shapes and sizes but clearly feel beautiful and sexy and it always comes across in the performances.

i also got given the best surprise present ever from my lovely friend lucy...

some nipple tassels! (bought from a stall at the event) i actually can't wait to try these babies out. a nice little surprise for the husband to be on our wedding night perhaps???

Friday, October 3, 2008


i am all over the place at the moment. busy busy busy, because if anyone hadn't noticed (i've been going on about it enough), i'm getting married next weekend!

people talk about cold feet, but i am the most excited i have ever been, it just washes over me unexpectedly, a massive wave of endorphins. i love it. tomorrow night is the hen night. burlesquing it up with all my girls. i have specifically requested that there be none of


or this

yes, she is wearing glittery pink penises on her head. who would actually do this? it's making me be a little sick in my mouth. my mum showed me some balloons my aunt had bought round for me, they say "hen party! no cocks allowed !!" (with a picture of a cockerel on) she then went "don't worry darling they're only for the house" after seeing the horrified expression on my face.
some may think i'm being a party pooper, but this level of tackiness does NOT bring me joy, only excrutiating pain, sorry.

anyway, i am excited and looking forward to wearing my mums old moschino black fringed dress and feathers in my hair, drinking champagne and dancing the night away with a bunch of gorgeous ladies.