Tuesday, September 30, 2008

they just keep on comin

the shoes that is. i just can't stop myself and if this blog has made me realise anything it's that they are my weakness.

i love this new pair and to be fair i had planned to buy these ages ago but when i went back to camden they were all sold out. i searched high and low for something similar but sometimes second best just wont do. i'm glad i held out because my lovely little sis was in camden the other day and found me a pair. i love her :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

you make me wanna

looking at this photo on garance dore is making me think i may expose the septum ring i have secretly tucked away up my nose ;) i used to have loads of piercings which i took out maybe 3 years ago now because i felt like people i met never seemed to look past them. i took out my lip, my nipples (not that anyone really saw them actually) and the flesh tunnels in my ears, but i kept my septum hidden away just incase i ever changed my mind. we'll see, i can't say i miss my piercings all that much but this girl looks hot, so maybe just for a little change. i'll try and post some pictures if i do...
ps. click to enlarge, i don't think you can see her nose properly in this picture

Friday, September 26, 2008

looking to the stars and what did i find

this is my horoscope on msn today

SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st
Your magnetic personality attracts friends at every turn. You love striking up conversations with musicians, artists, and poets. These people are able to stimulate your own imagination. Granted, you may not share the same talents, but you are very creative in your own right. You don't have to make money from a pursuit in order to justify it. Having hobbies makes you a more interesting, well rounded person.

it reminds me of this post and how i am constantly mourning the fact that i don't have time to be creative and wish there was more scope for that in my job. oh well, i'm supposed to be going to the london tattoo convention tomorrow which should get my creative juices flowing. i don't have any tattoos yet but i am thinking about it...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i am sick sick sick...

but look what arrived in the post today?

tons of gold sequins for me to wear, thanks elisabeth

Monday, September 22, 2008

it's fine i have a plan...to win the lottery?

it's fair to say i am feeling the pressure after spending the most amount of money i have EVER spent on anything on a bvulgari wedding band. it was too beautiful to ignore and as everyone keeps saying, it will be on my finger for life so why not? i am just slightly shitting myself after looking at my bank balance this morning.

besides making myself beyond skint, the weekend was spent introducing the in-laws to each other, which was interesting seeing as my boyfriends parents are both deaf but it went surprisingly well. sunday was spent having a dress rehearsal of how me and the bridesmaids will be doing our hair. frankly i feel like shaving my hair off again so i don't have to deal with the stress of deciding whether i should have a parting? which side? hair up or down? tiara to the back? to the front? up my nose? in my eye?

i also keep dreaming about getting really fat and not being able to fit into my dress and everyone laughing at me. does this make me shallow????? hmmm....

Friday, September 19, 2008

first kiss

kinda reminds me of mine and my boyfriends, which for some reason was on the floor in the middle of the road one night...possibly due to ridiculous drunkeness

photo from vice

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

delirious for mr. steve buscemi

as we had monday off from work and were soooo tired from the flight, we decided to rent out a film with nothing particular in mind. after doing our usual indecisive loitering around the video rentals for what seemed longer than usual i managed to spot this little gem. having never heard of it before but having infinite love for steve buscemi i managed to persuade the boy that this was the one to watch.

with the tag line "everybody deserves their shot", the story is based in new york and revolves around 2 characters. les (steve buscemi) is a paparazzo in denial and through coincidence meets toby (michael pitt), an aspiring actor who has ended up finding himself living on the streets. when les takes on toby as his assistant their relationship takes on a slight sinister edge when toby falls in love with pop star k'harma and les becomes fraught with jealousy. i won't give away anymore but this is a seriously wicked movie and i found myself having a slight crush on michael pitt...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

it was a whirlwind of rain, heat, shopping and champagne

yesterday morning i arrived back in sunny london from a 3 day trip to new york. 1 day spent in manhattan and then 2 days in garden city on long island for a beautiful beach wedding. we were so busy i hardly had time to do any of the stuff in ny that i had planned to but i managed to get a couple of things. mainly this hat from uo and some raybans...basically less than 2 thirds of the price they are here. bargain. here's a lovely myspaz pose picture with delightful bathroom background.

i should quit but it seemed silly not to. i like the way the filters are white as well. i'm resigned to the fact that i probably won't quit until i get pregnant and start popping out babies which i actually don't plan to do for a while...

and makeup stuff...i know it's a crappy picture but whatever.

nars lipstick - roman holiday
mac kohl eyeliner - teddy
benefit - posietint
marc jacobs daisy perfume
murad pomegranate moisturiser

boy i must've been bored on my last post. seems to bring out the worst in me. ah well, nobody's perfect ;) i will post some pictures of the wedding soooooon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

well let me just get this knife, slash off my thighs, and then i can be stylish just like you

ok, i'm going for a full on rant. it's been pretty quiet at work today so to pass the time i have been flitting from blog to blog, having a little read here and there of things that catch my attention, and i have found myself becoming extremely pissed off with the way everyone seems to praise peoples style just because they are skinny/pretty girls.

it's easy to look "effortlessly cool" when you don't have to worry about your fat arse or thunder thighs. and yes i am bitter. sorry but some of the stuff some bloggers are wearing is so bloody boring it makes me want to cry and yet they have streams of fangirls going wow, i love you, so effortless - yes, that's because they're wearing skinny jeans and a tshirt, where is the effort exactly? I bet if you blew them up to make them look as if they've added a few stone people wouldn't be half as obsessed.

look, i'm not saying that all slim pretty girls are boring, that would be totally unfair because some of them are absolutely gorgeous and even more so because they have something unique and edgy about them but they really are only a small few. in my opinion there are many out there who are getting ridiculously praised for having amazing style when really they are just good looking/slim and even a shit stained potato sack would look good on them.

well, maybe i'm just jealous but i hate the way i've been sitting here going, wow, if my legs were that long and skinny i would look great in a pair of old shorts or ripped leggings. yep, i think the conclusion is that i am just plain and simple jealous and really hope that one day i will learn to love my shapely legs and bum. i still stick by my earlier comment that i don't think some bloggers deserve the adoration they receive...i will never say who...just as well no-one even reads this.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


is it just me or does santogold really look like trisha goddard in this photo? hmmm....

Monday, September 8, 2008

london i love you, but you're bringing me down

it was a pretty quiet weekend. my boyfriend was away in cardiff for his stag do...paintball, strip clubs, drum n bass and drinking vodka through a chili pepper i hear. i did some shopping on saturday and ended up buying these shoes from topshop to cheer myself up. i then met up with my mum and sister for something to eat and then went home to watch 2 days in paris which is the sort of film i wouldn't usually be able to watch with the boy but thoroughly enjoyed on my own and then watched mean girls in bed before falling asleep.

sunday was kinda the same...although i had a lovely morning reading elle in bed, drinking fresh coffee and a pain au chocolate for breakfast. i decided i couldn't sit around my house all day on my own so i got myself together and took the bus to knightsbridge where all the shops bored me to death and harvey nichols staff looked at me like i was a piece of shitty dirt on their shoe.

on the way home and walking along the king's road i came across the frock me! vintage fashion fair so i thought that seeing as i had nothing better to do i would go and take a peek. as i shuffled down the corridor it slowly dawned on me that there would probably be an entrance fee and before my brain could engage the doorman spotted me and i dutifully handed over four english pounds. it didn't take me long to complete the musty smelling circuit and that particular day i was missing the fact that i had no-one to share my day with. sometimes i just can't be arsed with vintage anyway...there's just too much to look at and i wasn't in the mood for spending money.

i took the bus the rest of the way home and stuffed my face with a peanut butter kit kat and aero bubbles on the way (what a piggy). while i was relaxing in a nice hot bath my boyfriend came home and we ordered pizza and watched tv in bed with lots of cuddles.

i'm off to new york for a long weekend on thursday and really i'm just waiting for that. waiting, waiting, waiting...i need a break from london, i love it but sometimes i just need a break.

Friday, September 5, 2008

screaming i fucking love you in the pouring rain

i seem to be reminiscing about my youth a lot lately but i'm finding myself in the rather odd position of getting to that age where the decade i grew up in is coming back into fashion and to be honest i'm kinda likin' it. what with mk bringing back the flannel shirt (and tied round the waist too!) and bloggers left right and centre jumping back on the doc marten bandwagon, i'd say it's pretty clear that my beloved 90's are making a comeback.

thinking back there was only one thing that i never grew out of; my love for aerosmith and my bizarre obsession/attraction/lusting after steven tyler, literally. i saw them play in hyde park last year and never before at a gig have i uttered/yelled at the top of my lungs the words "i fucking love you, i want you're babies." i'm not ashamed. this is the song and video where it all began and inspired me to be the first girl at my crappy boarding school to go and get my belly button pierced. such a rebel ;P my dad was not a happy bunny chasing me round our flat in spain with a pair of pliers to rip it out.

cryin' - aerosmith

and just because i still love him and am thinking i need to get hold of a copy of the pump album (for the record i fucking hate the armageddon song, the oldies are the best) here are a few pictures, old and new, of the man himself.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

dressed in daddy's clothing

i give you frances bean cobain

i've often wondered what happened to the little girl who's daddy shot himself because he couldn't deal with the fame. at 16 years old i cannot believe how much she looks like him.

"These people are fascinated by me, but I haven't done anything. If you're a big Nirvana fan, a big Hole fan, then I understand why you would want to get to know me, but I'm not my parents. I get it, I really do, but at the same time it's creepy. People need to wait until I've done something valid with my life". - Harper's Bazaar

all the young dudes

i went to see the wackness at the cinema last night as i was in the mood for a bit of nostalgic teenage angst and to be honest that's exactly what i got. in a good way though, i have to say i really enjoyed it and was glad i went even though adverts they've been showing on tv weren't giving off the best vibe.

set in new york in 1994 (the year kurt died) with a ton of great hip hop on the soundtrack like biggie smalls and classic wu tang, also a bit of bowie for good measure, this film completely took me back to my early teens...yes i worked out i would've been 14 going on 15. it reminded me of how everything at that age seems so dramatic and all you want is to be an adult so you can do whatever you want without the restrictions of parents and school. you don't realise how being a teenager is one of the most exciting explorations of your life and if i'm honest i've probably spent most of my twenties wishing i had realised this at the time and not wanting to let go of the exhilaration of experiencing things for the first time. yes i know i'm only 28 and still have tons of things to learn and draw inspiration from, but i miss the time when the most simplest of things like kissing a boy i really liked (or even being near him), and staying out all night drinking and smoking and listening to music seemed like the most fun in the world. not to say these things can't be fun now but they definitely lack the magic of youth and doing something for the first time. it probably doesn't help that i am the sort of person who gets restless with things staying the same for too long and constantly on the search for something new.

anyway, it's probably not for everyone but both me and surprisingly 'the boy' enjoyed it. some funny bits too...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

she's back...

i don't know why i am so ridiculously happy to discover that agathe is back. actually i do, it's because she's probably the most stylish girl on the net and always posts amazing pictures. everyone was completely dumbfounded when stylebytes mysteriously disappeared...i guess she might've just felt a little laid bare and her new site is a lot less about the words and more about the images...which is fine by me.

i just want to sink to the bottom of the ocean with you

me and my family moved to spain when i was 5 years old, so every year when summer came around me and my sister would spend most of our time splashing around in the swimming pool at home or at friends houses. we'd come up with numerous games to play, the one i remember most for some reason (don't judge me) was that one end of the pool was deemed to be full of poo and the other full of piss. we would balance ourselves in teams on a lilo or inflatable dingy and try to push each other off. if you fell in the shitty water you then had 10 seconds, everyone would count, to get your arse to the step area of the pool which would disinfect you...otherwise you died. trust me it was fun.

these photos however, remind me of how i loved to hold my breath for as long as possible and sink to the bottom of the pool, staying there for as long as i could and pretending i was a mermaid.

photos from vice

living adornments

my greek grandmother was named after the egyptian queen cleopatra who was often depicted with a snake wrapped around her wrist. whether this is because she wore them as jewellery or because the legend is that she was bitten by an asp on her arm i'm not sure. luckily if my babies decide to bite me it will be far from lethal...infact you probably wouldn't feel it at all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

you're perfect yes it's true, but without me you're only you

i don't really know what's wrong with me today. i seem to be in an incredibly bad mood and although i'm aware of this so therefore trying to be nice, i feel like i could snap at any minute. i think what's even worse is that i have fuck all interesting to say...

anyway...i'm bored and at work and have just discovered the negative option on my camera phone. could life get any more exciting?

Monday, September 1, 2008

nipple tassels for everyone!

so it was mainly a quiet weekend. the boy and i strolled up to the king's road on saturday morning (was loving the weather) to hand in the details and pay for the ceremony, so if all else fails now we will still definitely be getting married!

sunday i dragged my sister up to brick lane to have a mooch around the vintage shops and market to see if i could find anything to go with my outfit for the hen night. i'm actually pretty excited and although i don't know all the details, i know we are heading to this burlesque show and will be needing to dress accordingly. i have specifically requested no tacky fairy wings or L plates or bunny ears or whatever crap people usually wear for hen dos.

i have successfully managed to beat my sister to the borrowing of my mum's fringed moschino dress that i remember my dad buying for her almost 20 years ago? i have always loved that dress and now i finally get to wear it (it only just fits!) but i need to find a few accessories to go with it.

at the moment i'm thinking i need to get a pair of sheer black seamed tights, i could go for fishnets but i just don't think they suit my legs...maybe i'm weird. i would also like to get hold of a sparkling silver jacket a la sanna, however i think this will be a LOT easier said than done and the whole of brick lane failed to offer up anything remotely similar on sunday. i wonder whether she would mind if i stole it, hmmm....

i need a top hat. i refuse to pay 20 quid for one in topshop and figure that if i go to a fancy dress shop and buy some material i could knock up something similar for half the price. and last but not least...shoes!

i already have some black heels at home but after seeing these ones in kurt geiger i might need a new pair? i dunno, i would probably never wear them again but i reckon they would look fierce with this particular outfit.
ok, probably done enough day dreaming for now, hopefully it will all come together on the day and i can't wait to see what all my other girlies will be wearing.